FAQs heyme

Is heyme free?

Yes, you can sign up your company for free during the trial period.

You can also check out our pricing to estimate per-user costs of heyme. Yes, the calculation is correct and your clients and company teams really could securely connect and communicate for a fraction of the price of that other platform.

What is heyme?

heyme is a cloud-based team activity hub that securely connects company teams with clients to drive collaboration.

Going forward, our clients will be the driving force behind the development of our hub.

Why should I use heyme?

Use heyme to break free from the online noise, spam and one-liner emails.

Sign up for free and tell us what tools, in addition to our project-based communication and task management structure, would complement your workflows.

Be a driving force for dynamic change and team development in your organisation.

Migrate your company teams and client communications to the heyme hub and transform the way you work.

What are Circles?

First, there are three types of Circles in heyme:

Internal Company Circles:

are automatically created Circles comprised of Internal Company users. Use your Internal company Circle(s) for Channel communications, e.g., public announcements to all Participants.

Public Circles:

are automatically generated lists of all Participants you collaborate with. These Circles serve as lists of users for Channel Communications.

My Circles:

are all of the Circles of Participants you create.

When you are invited to join a company as an Internal user, you automatically become part of their company Circle as well as a public Circle.

You can then create any number of Circles, with any combination of Participants.

When you create a company account you become an Owner. For you, heyme automatically generates an Internal Company Circle and a Public Circle.

When you invite people to join your company, they become part of your company and public Circles.

Create Circles for specific groups in your company, e.g. finance, sales or HR. This way, when you create a new Content Item, you can share it with your whole Circle, instead of selecting individual users.

Important: All users can create Circles of Participants and can belong to any number of Circles.

What is an Internal/External user?

Internal users are typically invited by an owner/administrator of a company to become part of a company Circle.

Internal users cannot Invite new users unless they become company owners.

External users are typically not company employees, but work closely with a company and are invited by an owner/administrator to join a specific Project, however, not to become Internal users.

External users can create their own company, thus becoming a company owner.

Who can be an Owner/Administrator?

The Owner or administrator of a company can invite any person to become an Internal or External user. Company owners can change access levels of Internal users to allow them to send Invites as well.

What are Content Items?

Content Items are Tasks, Events and Topics. They are displayed by your Feed in heyme.

Click on the floating + sign in the lower right of the heyme hub to create a new Content Item or start a Conversation.

What are Channels?

Channels are communication streams that are created by Channel managers (Owners or administrators of a company in heyme) and flow to all Circle members.

Your Internal Company and Public Circles essentially serve as lists of Participants.

For example, as a company Owner, if you'd like to use a Channel to tell everyone you collaborate with on heyme about a software update, simply filter your Public or Internal Company Circle when creating the Channel and selecting Participants.

How can I see who is in my Circle(s)?

To see who’s in your Circle(s), go to Settings → Circles and click on the Circle of your choice to see what other users belong to that Circle.

You can create any number of Circles with any combination of Participants.

How do I Invite a new user?

You can invite someone to join a company as an Internal user, or to work on a specific project as an External user in heyme.

To Invite a user to join a company go to Settings -> Companies -> Users and click on the pink floating circle in the lower right of the screen. Enter the email address of the person(s) you'd like to Invite. Be sure to press enter after adding each address, select Invite to send.You can Invite someone to join a company as an Internal user, or to work on a specific project as an External user in heyme.

If you can't find the floating purple circle to send an Invite, this is because you are an Internal User of a company. You can create your own company account and launch your own projects; or ask the Owner of your company in heyme if they'd change your status to Owner, so you too can Invite new users.

Where can I find help in heyme?

Click on Conversations on the main Menu, then click on Amy and a chat box will appear. Ask her a question, or simply send her a keyword or two.

If Amy can't help you, go to our Support Channels and post a Topic or Comment. Our team will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

If all else fails, send us an email at heyme@mygide.uk or drop us a line on Twitter: my_heyme