How does heyme reduce the online noise?

Very simply: by enabling you to control your workflow communication and collaboration with clients and company teams.

As a professional service provider, finding a 'noise-free', connected online work platform where you can effectively manage client and company team communications, share sensitive data, among others -- can be a seemingly daunting task. Enter heyme to provide the solution.

Your work environment in heyme is essentially how you create it. This means that heyme provides the project, task-based framework, along with the privacy, connectivity and security you need to collaborate and implement all your business activities in one place. All based on a platform structure that emphasises a clear line between company teams and external clients.

And when it comes to the noise — spam, social media requests, never-ending feeds of already forgotten content — you will not find it in heyme.

What you do find in heyme

When you create a company account in heyme you become the owner of that company. As the company owner you can choose to Invite anyone to collaborate as:

Internal users - typically invited by an owner/administrator of a company to become part of a company Circle;

External users - typically not company employees, but work closely with a company and are invited by an owner/administrator to join a specific project, however, not to become Internal users.

Reminder: Be sure to go to Settings -> Companies -> Projects, and create a new Project to which you can Invite external clients.

Company owners also maintain Channels in heyme. These often serve as support or marketing information streams and are broadcast to all users in your Circles. Find out more about Channels and Circles on our FAQ page.

As you form your Circles, you can start using the communication and collaboration features in heyme — create Tasks, launch brainstorming discussions, start Conversations, and use Channels to make general announcements that reach all your company and external client Circles.

Typically, this is also a good time to begin creating custom company and project Tags. As your Feed content (Events, Tasks, Topics) continues to grow, Tags and filters offer organisational solutions, so you see what you need, when you need it, and who is involved.

Within no time, you have created a noise-free, professional work environment.