Introducing heyme

The cloud-based team activity hub, heyme, is the product of natural development from a tool designed to publish financial data and reports on the web for board members and other stakeholders to access.

We understand the professional services need for a secure, collaborative space, free from the noise, spam and one-liner emails. A place to schedule events, assign and delegate tasks, engage in discussion topics, post comments – with the convenience of tags, custom circles of clients and colleagues and the privacy enabled by invitation.

“Our ability to consolidate data quickly and generate reports, was only limited to the human aspect of questions, business data updates and general revisions. Waiting for an email just was not efficient.”

With heyme, securely connecting clients and customer teams, driving communication are our top priority. Moreover, in times of uncertainty, we look to forge strong partnerships and engage our clients to develop heyme according to their needs. bringing the best solutions for your team, based on your input.

Clients drive development

When we look across the entire spectrum of social business platforms, chat apps, collaborative hubs, etc., there is evident cause for confusion. The differences tend to be unclear at first glance, but then we take a closer look.

What we find is media-induced hype for services that are over-priced and tend to be self-described waves – which can only crash back into the sea – always formulating the same message: we have the solutions for you.

At heyme, we have created the framework for effective client and team communication and going forward, our clients will be the driving force behind the development of our hub.

Are you interested in custom integrations or specific apps? Not sure about the other platform’s overly-smart API, or have no use for webhooks? Whatever your company is facing, our team will work with you – no support ticket required.

Get what you pay for

We love to say heyme is free. And right now, if you go to our webpage you could sign up your entire company for free.

What’s the catch? Well, we will ask you for input – what tools and solutions do you need? How can we help you grow, nurture team communication and foster forward thinkers?

Thought leadership comprises listening closely to our clients’ needs and maintaining open channels of communication, based on dynamic development and dedication to driving interaction between clients and company teams.