By design, by default

In times of cyber uncertainty, how do you balance productive team collaboration with the highest possible level of security and compliance?

1. At heyme, the security of your data is our top priority.

2. We understand that full transparency complements the effectiveness of client and company team communications, leading to higher productivity and happier people.

3. Heyme integrates data protection by design and by default, while also applying specific privacy and protection safeguards, in addition to taking technical and organisational measures.

4. Heyme collects and stores only the personal data that is needed for maintaining your company account and the register of company owners in heyme, i.e. your email address, name, and company name. This means only companies have access to the personal data of both their internal and external users.

5. As part of our mission to rid workflow collaboration, client and company team communications of the online noise, we will never allow ads, resell your information or track what you do in heyme.

Cause for concern

When the world is overwhelmed by uncertainty and security concerns pervade many parts of life, it is no wonder many people are led to believe that paying more for their data security and ensuring compliance with authorities is the only safe option available.

Yet, time and again this thinking is erroneous. The most recent wave of cyber attacks, according to an article on the BBC included, “among the organisations targeted worldwide have been Germany's rail network Deutsche Bahn, Spanish telecommunications operator Telefonica, US logistics giant FedEx and Russia's interior ministry.”

Though tech giant Microsoft dubbed the attack as 'a wake-up call', experts also confirm that ordinary security updates might have played some mitigating effect.

We can safely assume that each entity on the above-mentioned list can afford to pay top dollar for security and compliance. And yet, if cyber attacks can inflict such damages, what are the options available to you and your company?

Privacy and protection as part of our philosophy

While it is clear that heyme cannot prevent cyber attacks; we can ensure that our channels of communication enable greater interaction within your organisation, helping to empower people to make decisions and come together by invitation, in a secure and private platform.

Beyond increased interaction and greater awareness enabled by instant chats, channels, discussion topics in heyme, users have power over their data. With responsibility comes regard for what's important leading to heightened understanding of seemingly simple, yet potentially damaging actions such as installing basic software updates.

We also understand the inherent vulnerabilities of email - not just spam and one-liners - and that is why at heyme, we leave ordinary email to the small amount of communication for which it is actually effective.