Designed with professional and business service providers in mind

1. heyme has two user profiles; (1) Internal user - Company inner Circle) and (2) External users - Company's partners, clients, advisers). This enables effective and private collaboration on Project Tasks, Events or discussion Topics, while ensuring a clear distinction between the internal and external environment.

2. heyme users benefit from two communication connections with other users: In (1) Projects, enabling all project participants to collaborate with each other, and via (2) Channels, allowing channel owners to 'broadcast' support and marketing messages to a wider user circle (both external and internal), while an individual recipient communicates back with channel owners only, having no access to other channel recipients.

3. In heyme, teams can brainstorm with discussion Topics, Comments — edit; delete; express agreement or uncertainty at the click of the mouse; or easily convert a Topic into a Task or an Event.

4. heyme lets you label communication content items (Events, Tasks, Topics) with Project-specific Tags (available to all project participants) or your own personal Tags, that when combined with your pinned filters, allow you to customize the structure of your work.

5. heyme is equipped with a synchronization service that publishes business performance data for reporting purposes and management discussions.

6. heyme is free during the trial period. After that, it's free for up to 30 users; additional users can collaborate at marginal costs.