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A story unfolds...

The heyme cloud-based team activity hub, is essentially a spin-off from GIDE International’s Performance Management and Financial Modelling suite.

In addition to its powerful offline data modelling engine, GIDE was designed to publish business data, reports and plans on a secure site for board members, management and other stakeholders to access. Once data was published, it became apparent that certain collaboration features were required to enable users to ask questions, post comments and make requests.

"Shortly after we released GIDE Boardoom we knew that our ability to consolidate and model data quickly and generate reports, was only limited to the human aspect of prompt exchange of questions, solving business data issues and responding to management preferences. Waiting for an email was simply not efficient.”

We soon understood that publishing reports online would increase the effectiveness of an organisation.

In combination with associated requests and discussions, the required effort is reduced by having all the data, questions and answers together in one place. No more lost time trying to find comments in email threads.

Moreover, incorporating conversations, topics and events improves the structure of work, ensuring that questions, discussions and other communications were linked to the relevant data on a single interface.

Yet there are people who do not wish to work with financial or business data, however, they would still like to organise their work within internal or external project teams, manage tasks and collaborate.

For them we have created heyme.


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Twitter: my_heyme

For registered users, just post a comment to the heyme support channel.