where clients and company teams meet


  1. smart
  2. in cloud
  3. by invitation



company teams

in a private cloud-based activity hub

drive communication

across your
entire stakeholder spectrum

Leave ordinary email to the small amount of communication for which it is actually effective. Connect across your company, enhance external partner relations, and come together in one place – the heyme hub.

Use individual and group Conversations for instant communication. Keep everyone in the loop with company Channels — customer support and marketing streams that flow to your Circles.

Comment on all Project content to engage Participants at every level.

structure your work

as you need, when you need,
with whom you need it

Engage your team with essential heyme content Items – Tasks, Events and discussion Topics for every Project.

Create Circles of Participants for every Project. Circle Participants can communicate with all other Circle members that are part of the same Project.

Apply Item and Project Tags to better filter, search and retrieve data. Track Project progress with status updates from idea to completion.

Manage your company’s performance reporting metrics in Boardroom. Apply the wide range of heyme solutions to support your business needs.

harmonise collaboration

with project essentials in one place

Track Topic comments, participants and latest action indicators. See who’s attending an Event and where it will take place.

Pursue Project milestones and streamline real-time collaboration. Synergise departments, people and processes to enhance productivity.

Improve access to vital information across your organisation to make your teams more responsive. Increase interaction – post questions, make requests, assign Tasks – to boost efficiency.

Invite external suppliers and trusted business partners to collaborate with you on the heyme hub today.